No matter how much new technology develops, the most important communication still involves one person speaking with another. That is the basis of my current business, and it has been the basis of my 42 year career in broadcasting in Tech Valley.

I have a home studio from which I can supply voice tracks for your project or I’m available to go to a location for voice or on camera work. Since my retirement in July of 2007 I’ve done commercials, instructional tracks, public relations work and telephone answering tracks for a number of clients and I’m open to just about anything.

Feel free to view my portfolio or contact me to discuss your project in detail

The key to a project’s success often involves the effective communication of a idea from one person to another. I’d appreciate the opportunity to effectively communicate your idea.

Jack Aernecke’s Specialties:

Professional voice with a variety of deliveries all with the ability to draw a persons attention and keep it for the entire message.